2016 IHHA Board of Directors Election Results

The following are the results from the IHHA Board of Directors election which took place today, Saturday, August 20, 2016. The top five vote getters will serve three year terms as directors.

1. Merv Chupp

2. Marty Engel

3. Gerry Hansen

4. Rita Williams

5. Angie Coleman


6. Bernie Paul

7. Dennis Brightwell

8. Gene Williams

9. Duncan Price

Congratulations to all the candidates that participated in this election. At the upcoming Board of Directors Meeting on Monday, August 22th, the IHHA Board will elect the officers that will serve during the 2016/2017 cycle.

Thanks to all members who participated in the election process. It is through your voice and support that the IHHA can continue to address and work on the issues of concern to our industry.