Legislative update

Today is the last scheduled day of our legislative session.  Still, no budget in sight. There is a good chance that the session will be extended into the summer. Horsemen are included in an internet gaming bill that could be very beneficial to us if it advances, but its future is very cloudy. Our 708 […]

Pictures Can Say It All

By Mike Paradise There’s an old English idiom that “A Picture Is Worth A Thousand Words.” If that’s the case then I can stop writing after this paragraph because the two posted below pretty much sum up the last two Hawthorne Late Closer Series to be decided Sunday night. The finish likely will be close […]

Don’t Look for Throw Outs in Paradise Final

By Mike Paradise Saturday’s two Late Closer Series Finals—the $14,830 Bob Larry and the $15,400 Mike Paradise—look to be quite different events for the betting public to handicap, at least on paper. The fourth race Bob Larry no doubt will see a good portion of the betting dollars go to two pacers, Shirley Le Vin’s […]

Legislative Update

We wish we could report on something that is happening in Springfield but unfortunately we cannot. As I write this their are five more days left in the session, currently scheduled to end Wednesday, May 31st. As in the past, it could be extended further into the summer but so far no word on that. SB […]

There’s No Magic in Bands Houdini Turnabout

By Mike Paradise Two more Late Closer Series wrap-up tonight and each of the trotting finals look to be very competitive events. Illinois based trainer Steve Searle has a strong contender in both the second race $14,000 Bea Farber and the ninth race $15,000 Daryl Busse. Both of his 3-year-old’s Daisy Lou Duke and Bands […]