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HHI Extends Scholarship Application

Due to the many interruptions and limitations that have been caused by the COVID-19 crisis HHI’s Board of Directors has extended the deadline for Jerome Hauck Scholarship applications to June 15, 2021. The application and all additional information must be complete and submitted by the deadline. The application can be found at our website, http://www.harnesshorsemeninternational.com/FillableHHIScholarship.pdf.

Free Hawthorne Programs

The IHHA Board of Directors has decided to pay for programs for Hawthorne and offer them for free to our fans during the month of May. They will be found through this website as well as our Facebook page and Twitter. If successful, we will continue it. Click the link to start. Good Luck! Hawthorne […]

New Medication Rules for This Year

The Illinois Racing Board has adopted new medication rules that are currently in effect. (Read more for a copy of the actual rule)IRB Rule Section 603.60  It will be the first racing season for us that they will be in play. The changes are specific to Flunixin (Banamine), Ketoprofen and Phenylbutazone (Bute). According to ARCI, […]

Worker’s Comp. Must Be Notarized

ATTN HARNESS TRAINERS: If you do not plan to have any employees working for you, you MUST include a NOTARIZED Worker’s Compensation Affidavit with your application.  If you do plan to have employees working for you, you MUST include an up-to-date copy of the declarations page or your current Worker’s Compensation Policy with your application.  […]