Covid-19 Updates

The IHHA understands that during these trying times everyone is seeking answers to what the future holds. We wish we could be more specific in our announcements but unfortunately so much information is unclear and changing every hour. What we do know is that racing has been shut down by order of the Governor’s office. We are hoping to return to racing on May 1st but right now that is simply a target date and not written in stone. Is there a chance we can get back to racing sooner than that? Possibly, but unlikely. Is there a chance we could be shut down further? It is possible but just like so many other citizens of Illinois, we just don’t know. We are keenly aware of how difficult this situation is for everyone and we will work to get back to racing as soon as it is safe enough to do so but the final decision is ultimately not ours.

Click on the link below to read some developments on new programs and packages that have evolved since the Covid-19 pandemic. Covid-19 Links