Illinois Harness Racing Quiz

By Mike Paradise

How knowledgeable are you on the history of Illinois harness racing? We’ve put together 10 questions to test just how proficient you are. It’s a multiple choice test to help you along.
You can scroll down to the bottom of the page to see the correct answers.

1. Which of these ICF star pacers never won a Super Night Championship at Balmral Park?
a. Well To Do Guru
b. Masterofhisdomain
c. Al’s Hammered
d. Taser Gun

2. Hawthorne’s first harness racing meet was in:
a. 1969
b. 1970
c. 1972
d. 1974

3. What driver was the first in Sportsman’s Park history to win with six horses on a single program and he did in twice in the same season?
a. Bob Farrington
b. Dave Magee
c. Tony Morgan
d. Ron Marsh

4. The final Super Night at Balmoral Park was held in 2015. Which horse won the last ICF championship raced that night?
a. Ice Scraper
b. Dinky Dune
c. Dan D Dune
d. Wondrous Sport

5. The first ICF harness horse to earn over $1 million in a racing career was:
a. Incredible Finale
b. Hothead
c. Big Tom
d. Bye Bye Byrd

6. The record for the most purse money earned by an ICF trotter in a racing career belongs to which horse?
a. Million Dollar Bye
b. Su Mac Lad
c. Plesac
d. Kadabra

Missel Renvaeh-O & B7. True or False: A filly once won the Pete Langley Memorial 3-year-old championship.
a. True
b. False

8. Which horse paced the fastest mile at Sportsman’s Park in its long 48 year history of harness racing?
a. New Bucks
b. Staying Together
c. Odds Against
d. Cam Fella

9. Three horses won championships on the last Super Night (1997) held at Sportsman’s Park and another on the first Super Night raced at Balmoral Park (1998). Two were Big Tom and Ohyouprettything. The other was:

a. Fox Valley Memory
b. Broadway Preview
c. Shady Veil
d. Million Dollar Bye

10. Balmoral Park owns the Illinois record mutuel handle on a single harness racing program. It was:
a. $2.6 million plus
b. $2.7 million plus
c. $2.8 million plus
d. $2.9 million plus

Harness Quiz Answers

1. (a) Well To Do Guru
2. (b) 1970
3. (d) Ron Marsh in 1990.
4. (c) Dan D Dune in the Orange and Blue Colt Final
5. (a) Incredible Finale
6. (c) Plesac
7. (a) True. The Bob Farrington trained Missile Renvaeh won it in 1994 with Lavern Hostetler (Pictured) when the 3-year-old stake wasn’t restricted to ICF colts and geldings.
8. (a) New Bucks (Tony Morgan) 1:50 flat in 1995
9. (c) Shady Veil
10. (d) $2.9 million plus on Super Night 2000. Altogether, including wagers on out-of-state tracks made at Balmoral), the $3,777,549 wagered on September 16, 2000, was the highest handle ever bet at an Illinois track.