1. Coverage includes: Race bikes and jog carts. (No wheels or tires are covered)
  2. Damage incurred is inclusive of all track time during race program.
  3. Claims must be approved by the appointed committee (IHHA Board representative and race secretary) within 30 days of the accident or the claim will be denied.
  4. The sulky accident report (claim form) must be filled out completely.
  5. In order for the claim to be considered for payment, a repair bill or estimate (if totaled) from an authorized tack shop must be attached.
  6. The owner(s) of sulky must be current members of the IHHA at the time of the accident for the claim to be considered for payment.

Damaged sulkies will be paid for per the following schedule

amount covered             amount covered

age of sulky                   sulky                             jog cart

0-24 months                $3,000                         $1,200

25-48 months              $2,550                           $900

49-plus months           $1,800                           $750