Monday, January 4, 2016

The New Horsemen’s Bookkeeper (Not Horsemen’s Guarantee any more) is going to need a W-9 for everyone racing at Hawthorne in 2016. They have no information on anyone. Before any check can be distributed, they must have a W-9 on file.

Bookkeeper hours: Will be Wednesday Thru Friday from 1:30 pm until a half hour prior to last post. Saturday & Sunday: 6 pm until a half hour prior to last post.  Monday-Closed.

The Drivers Pay period will be from Wednesday thru Sunday with the checks being distributed on Wednesday.

Purse distribution is 72 hours after the horse races.

Any personal checks put into the Bookkeeper accounts will have a hold of 72 hours after deposit.  Cash, Cashier’s Checks & Money Orders will be available immediately.

Any questions, please call 708-652-3655 or fax a W-9 Form to 708-652-3633

Click here to download the form. Fill it out and either drop it off at Hawthorne or fax to 708-652-3633.