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Worker’s Comp. Must Be Notarized

ATTN HARNESS TRAINERS: If you do not plan to have any employees working for you, you MUST include a NOTARIZED Worker’s Compensation Affidavit with your application.  If you do plan to have employees working for you, you MUST include an up-to-date copy of the declarations page or your current Worker’s Compensation Policy with your application.  […]

Qualifiers/Licensing Schedule Set

Qualifiers are scheduled for noon, this Monday, May 3 at Hawthorne. Enter by Friday, 9a.m. April 30. The Illinois Racing Board license office at Hawthorne will be open on Monday, May 3 from 8a to 3p. Tuesday from 10a to 4p. Closed on Wednesday. Thursday, 10a to 4p and then Friday, Saturday and Sunday from […]

Updates Concerning Our Future

Our 2021 racing season is just weeks away and it can’t seem to come fast enough. It’s been a long time between starts and we know everyone is looking forward to returning.  What will happen to us in 2022 is a question that is understandably on everyone’s mind. There have been unexpected developments recently which […]

2020 Awards Presentation

The Illinois Harness Horsemen’s Association will be hosting a brief presentation congratulating the 2020 Illinois Horse of the Year as well as the divisional winners and leading breeders. The presentation is scheduled for Friday, April 23rd at 7pm and can be viewed through our Facebook page. Illinois Harness Horseman’s Association – Home | Facebook. These […]