Covid-19 Update

The IHHA Board of Directors wants to remind everyone again that we are working together with Hawthorne, the Illinois Dept. of Agriculture and the Governor’s office to return to live racing as soon as safely possible. We do understand the anxiety that this is causing everyone but we assure you we are doing everything we can to expedite this situation. Returning to live racing is a complex issue with many different parts to the process. While our goal is to get back to work we need to be confident that we can do it safely and not risk having to shut down again later in the year. When we do return, please understand that there will be a “new normal.” Strict new safety rules will be in place. Highlights include, only essential workers will be allowed in the backstretch, everyone will have their temperature taken, everyone will wear facemasks, horses and workers will be spread out over multiple barns instead of racing out of the traditional one paddock. Security will strictly be enforced. If you can’t abide by the new rules, your horse will be scratched and you will be told to leave. We will publish all of the specific requirements and a schedule once they become official.