Covid-19 Update

Unfortunately, we still have no word on when we can return to work. We had been anticipating that by now, we would have a plan in place for a return to live racing without spectators. The decision rests in the hands of the Governor and his staff. As an industry, horsemen, racetracks and the Illinois Dept. of Agriculture have submitted a plan on how we can return to racing safely. The Dept. of Public Health has looked at the plan and agreed with its practices. For the past 7-10 days we have consistently been assured that we would soon get direction on how and when we could proceed. Yet still, no game plan. So what is next? We will continue to make phone calls and send e-mails. We will continue to reach out to anyone capable of helping. Yes, we feel the frustration, yes, we understand the dire economic situation for so many of you. Another covid-19 related matter that has recently been discussed was the possibility that this year’s Springfield and DuQuoin state fairs may not happen. No final word has been announced but keep in mind that if those state fairs are indeed cancelled it’s not an automatic that we will not race our critical Illinois-Bred Stakes.  We believe that although the fair would not be open to the public, we should be able to still run our races. We’ll continue to update everyone as information becomes available. Hang in there, Be safe