Hawthorne Commits to 2018 Harness Racing

While the IHHA and Hawthorne Racecourse have had a contract for the 2017 race meet signed from the beginning of this year, both groups have been working on finding a comfort level for how the 2018 harness season may look. After many meaningful discussions, we are pleased to report that we have reached an agreement with Hawthorne for 2018. The contract is basically an extension of the 2017 one but includes considerations for maximizing racing dates (opportunities) while still addressing adequate purse levels. However, the IHHA reminds everyone that the Illinois Racing Board is still the ultimate authority for approving racing dates. Yet, Hawthorne’s pledge to harness racing beyond 2017, through this contract, shows that they are committed to harness racing into the future. We are looking forward to the start of our summer meet, which is right around the corner, opening night is Thursday, May 11. See you then.