How ICF Three-Year-Old Stake Series Stands

The 3-year-old pacing filly Perch sits atop of the Plum Peachy standings after two rounds of the Night of Champions series. (Four Footed Fotos)

The 3-year-old pacing filly Perch sits atop of the Plum Peachy standings after two rounds of the Night of Champions series. (Four Footed Fotos)

By Mike Paradise

The center of attention this week will be on the ICF 3-year-old divisions of both sexes and gaits.

With the third legs of the Night of Champions stake series coming up on the weekend, we will have passed the half-way point to determine the 10 finalists in each ICF stake championship.

The Robert F. Carey Memorial series for sophomore pacing colts and geldings will head up Friday’s program, while the second season state-bred filly pacers will tangle in round three of the Plum Peachy on Saturday.

Sunday’s card is highlighted by both Dygert Memorial trotting events, the Beulah Dygert for fillies and the Erwin F. Dygert for colts and geldings.

Stake series points are determined by the order of finish in each leg with 50 awarded for first, 25 for second, 12 for third, 8 for fourth, 5 for fifth and 1 for starting. The 10 highest point earners after four rounds, earn a berth in their respective championship field.

Listed below are my unofficial standings in each 3-year-old ICF divisions after the first two rounds:

(ICF 3-Year-Old Pacing Colts and Geldings)
Horse Trainer Pts
Maximus Ken Rucker 75
Meter On Fire Erv Miller 75
Fox Valley Triton Terry Leonard 50
Coming Up Steve Searle 37
Smash N Sagebrush Luke Plano 20
The Bucket Ken Rucker 17
Frontier Muffler Freddie Patton Jr 9
Ryan Racketeer Roshun Triggs 8
Old Swamp Master Ronnie Gillespie 6
Fox Valley Julius Dale Knox 5

(ICF 3-Year-Old Pacing Fillies)
Horse Trainer Pts
Perch Jay Garrels 100
Fox Valley Torrid Rodney Freese 75
Valar Morganhulis Nelson Willis 37
Lili Von Shtupp Nelson Willis 25
Brienne The Beauty Clark Fairley 17
Fox Valley Halsey Nelson Willis 16
Fox Valley Lolo Dale Kanitz 13
Fox Valley Hotcake Kim Roth 8
Fox Valley Lil Kim Kim Roth 6
Winter Gram JD Lewis 6

(ICF 3-Year-Old Trotting Fillies)
Horse Trainer Pts
Heidi High Charles Arthur 75
Louzotic Steve Searle 75
Fox Valley Elicit Demarrio Brown 20
Skippymalou Roshun Trigg 12
Puddin Cheeks John Finn 9
Joe Joe’s Violet Roshun Triggs 6
Lous Paramore Steve Searle 5

ICF 3-Year-Old Trotting Colt and Geldings
Horse Trainer Pts
Loucardamon Steve Searle 100
Lousraptor Roshun Trigg 100
Frontier Mannard Freddie Patton Jr 30
Swaneelou Curt Grummel 30
Big Garica Vega Roshun Trigg 25
Loushianon Kennedy Linsey 25
Super Betcha Mike Brink 24
For Trots Sake Mike Brink 20
Captainsblacksparrow Mike Rogers 16
Trixie’s Turbo Jill White 13
My Dreamweaver Steve Searle 8
Fox Valley Cruise Jim Eaton 6
Prince Cassis Curt Grummel 6