Legislative Update

SB 7, our gaming bill, continues to sit stagnant in the General Assembly. While efforts from all entities of the horse racing industry continue to talk, lobby, cajole and harass our legislators into some movement, recently there has been none. Certainly no movement for us and little or no movement on anything else pertinent to our state and its current budget crisis. This has not been unexpected. History has taught us that something of this magnitude would eventually be decided only within the last few days of the session, currently scheduled for adjournment on May 31. History has also proven that this adjournment day could be extended further into the summer. All shareholders of our industry continue to meet regularly with each other to discuss the most current rumors and innuendo and explore all angles and all of the moving parts involved.  Unfortunately, as we have said for quite some time, not only horsemen but all citizens of Illinois are still at the mercy of decisions that need to come down from leadership. We will try and update everyone as soon as we hear anything newsworthy. Thanks for paying attention and thanks to all for your continued support as we try and survive the most difficult circumstances in our existence. Stay tuned.